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Age of Conan: Is It a Bust?

I decided to try Age of Conan from Funcom. At first view, this seemed to be a very good game, but things started to die out quickly.


2 Responses

  1. Totally disagree. As a WoW fanatic since the start, this may be a storng statement but here goes anyway – AoC is much better thna WoW on almost every level!!

  2. I can respect that opinion. AoC played very well, in my opinion. I would also probably prefer to play a broken AoC, than pay WoW. However, I’ve played a lot of MMO games, and AoC just is not up to par yet with content and underlying game mechanics. All of this can be overlooked, but the real question for me is, will Funcom be able to provide their own niche in the MMO world? WoW has a niche, which it sort of stole from EQ2: raiding and getting gear. Warhammer Online, and like it Dark Age of Camelot before it, focus on Realm vs Realm style PvP. AoC has yet to discover their niche, I believe, to set their game apart from others. Good graphics and directional attacks just aren’t enough to keep my attention for the long haul.

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