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Warhammer Loses 4 Classes and 4 Capital Cities

That’s right.  If you haven’t read it by now, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is losing 4 careers (Choppa, Ironbreaker, Black Guard, and the Knights of the Blazing Sun) and 4 of the 6 Capital Cities.  I was personally planning on playing one of the two canceled classes, but releasing an unfinished game like Funcom did with Age of Conan is just not the right think to do.  Regarding the canceled cities, a quote from Mark Jacobs  promises that they will be implemented after release, which is a relief for me.  I prefer RvR to have more options, rather than a bottleneck zerg between only 1 pair of Capital Cities.

As for the lost classes, the developers seemed reluctant to say that they would be added later, and actually said that they probably won’t be added any time soon after release at the very least.  I suppose that I will be playing some other tank class; there are still plenty of options in the game.

You can read more about this announcement from EA Mythic, and participate in the community’s voice by heading over to this thread on Warhammer Alliance.


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