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A Windows SSH Client with Tabs

I’ve decided to upload my SSH client code, written in C# for Windows, to Sourceforge. This is very unfinished, buggy, and probably not well written. There is no installer yet. I need to update the telnet code since the library I am using (and had to hack to include some basic telnet negotiation code) has been updated. I am not sure how much of the telnet code I need to change, but the library looks like it has been improved quite a bit. The site manager portion of the code is also very unfinished, and I would like to finish that as well before making an installer for this program.

Here’s the code


2 Responses

  1. Are you ever going to continue this? It’s something that I wouldn’t mind learning myself.

    • Yeah. The ASCII and ANSI codes are a PIA though, so I just kind of work on it when I can. Chris Eades reminded me that it won’t even run menuconfig on Linux properly, so those are the escape sequences I am working on now. He posted the output on facebook, kind of funny how it craps out. 🙂

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