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How to Install and Fix Stumbler Plus Crashes on an iPhone (Jailbroken)

Google seems to have a lot of older forum discussions about how to get Stumbler Plus to work on the iPhone. Most of these discussions revolve around an old upgrade that resulted in a crashing state for this app. However, I have found that new installations of Stumbler Plus from Cydia also crash, and the fixes described in a lot of the Google results don’t solve the problem.

Before you can do this, your phone must be jailbroken, and you need to have OpenSSH up and running. If you are using Windows, you will need a command line SSH client like Putty and pscp.exe. Remember to turn off OpenSSH on your iPhone after this is done (there is no need to leave the service running. Anyone can scan your phone and find the service running on your phone).

To install Stumbler Plus on a jailbroken iPhone, first install it from Cydia. The app will crash as soon as it is launched. Follow these instructions to get it working properly. If you are using Windows and have downloaded pscp.exe, use pscp.exe where these instructions say to use “scp” to copy the Stumbler package to your phone. Use putty to ssh into your phone to complete the rest of the steps from the Stumbler website. If you are not comfortable using putty, you can also use the MobileTerminal application from Cydia directly on your phone.


7 Responses

  1. PERFECT. Thanks – I was about to remove this from my iPhone

  2. after using ther mobile terminal
    when i get to the point of writng
    mv StumblerPlus.app StumblerPlus.app.BAK
    it says that it doesnt recognize stumbler.app
    i have it installed from cydia

    • It sounds like you are having one of two problems: either you are mistyping the first line, “cd /Applications”, or you are mistyping the command to rename the StumblerPlus.app file. The error message “cannot recognize stumbler.app” sounds like you are adding a space or something. Also, these commands are case sensitive. Once you “cd /Applications”, you can do a “ls” to see what files are in this directory. You should see “StumblerPlus.app” listed there. Type the commands *exactly* as they are listed on the StumblerPlus site, including uppercase characters where indicated.

  3. hey guy, how about not spreading all the instructions over a thousand possibly dead links. if you’re going to write a how to, explain how to without sending people on a chase to find caches of links that have long been taken down or have server problems or something. grr

    • I’m sorry for shortening my article for the reader’s sake. I checked all of the links in this article, and not a single one is broken yet. There is simply no need for me to retype something that is already out there on another site. I simply provided an easier way for people to find this information (it took me a few days of research to find this information myself). If you can’t be bothered clicking on a few links and reading, then you probably aren’t the target audience for this article.

  4. Perfect thanks

    • I packaged a deb for this: http://www.filedude.com/download/cH3jPWqQsQ512a902922

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